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ASA Events: Past and Future

As a member of the Adelaide Sustainability Association, I feel very honoured in being surrounded by so many like-minded people who are determined to make a change. From a very young age, I have witnessed the immediate environment around me changing negatively, from pollution to unsustainable practices at my school. This inspired me to help advocate change as a part of my school’s leadership team to rectify these issues. While we have made change, there is always more to do and that is being recognised in the Adelaide Sustainability Association as we attempt to encourage students to be sustainable and more conscious of their impact on the environment. That being said, as a member of the Events Team, I can eagerly say that change will be made this year. The team here, led by Andrew and Laura, have been very busy finding ways to engage students, staff and visitors in sustainable practices at Uni and at home.

On Thursday Week 6 (19th of April) the ASA held a pancake fundraiser and awareness campaign to advertise exciting events that will be occurring throughout the year.

We have developed two series of events, each with a different theme. The first stream is ‘Living Sustainable’ which begins on the 23rd of April with the event ‘Ending Plastic Pollution’ where a panel of industry leaders share their experiences in ending plastic pollution.

The second series is ‘Industry and Innovation’ which links careers to sustainability and innovative practices.

There will also be social events held throughout the year as well so be sure to follow us to learn more soon!

The ASA has also created social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat) where you can keep up to date with ASA events, learn more about sustainability and keep up to date with the incredible change people are influencing all over the world.

– Jack Gill