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Message from the President

From a young age the big questions of sustainability have always inspired me; I remember watching Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth in my eighth grade science class and knowing that in some way, sustainability was the direction, my direction, for the future.

And that future is gaining traction. Over the past two years the Adelaide Sustainability Association (ASA) has grown from inception to a thriving multi-disciplinary network of over 1000 students, academics and industry professionals looking to respond to our combined future challenges.

After following the group’s success since its earliest days I look forward to stepping into my new role as President to help further the ASA’s mission to empower its members with knowledge, skills and experience in sustainability. To achieve this mission a truly collaborative approach is needed and I encourage everyone to reach out; to voice the challenges and opportunities you see ahead so as a community we may face them head on.

I echo the commendation of previous President Daniel Conley to become involved with the Adelaide Sustainability Association and to join the ever growing network as we strive to shape a future that is innovative, inclusive and sustainable.

I look forward to working together with you.


Harry Carpenter

President, Adelaide Sustainability Association

(Final Year Mechanical Engineering student)